A photo of Julie Ronning smiling

Spotlight on Success: Meet Julie Ronning

At WellRive, fostering a culture of team support and service excellence is essential. This commitment leads to exceptional outcomes for our clients and unparalleled experiences for our employees. In Q1 of 2024, we honor Julie Ronning, Manager – Office Operations, at Gentle Transitions Minnesota, a WellRive Company, for embodying these values.

Since joining WellRive in 2013, Julie has demonstrated remarkable dedication and professionalism, seamlessly managing every aspect of her multifaceted role. She supports her colleagues and ensures client satisfaction, earning the admiration of her team. Known as the “equivalent of three people in one,” Julie’s ability to juggle multiple tasks while maintaining an upbeat demeanor significantly contributes to the success of both the team and clients. Her readiness to assist in any situation, from managing supplies to clearing ice off vans, makes her an invaluable asset.

In our Q&A, Julie highlighted the importance of collaboration, especially for field teams, and the necessity of a supportive environment for project success. She advises those seeking move management services to choose a company that listens and aligns with their needs. Sharing a personal motto, Julie believes that “worrying never solves problems; instead, focusing on proactive solutions is key.”

Colleagues consistently praise Julie’s exceptional organizational skills and positive attitude, describing her as a beacon of positivity and support. Her commitment extends beyond her tasks, addressing colleagues’ needs and going the extra mile for clients. Julie’s readiness to fill in gaps and her extensive experience is priceless, especially during unexpected staff shortages.

Julie Ronning embodies WellRive’s core values with her dedication, collaborative spirit, and positive outlook. Her impact inspires not only her colleagues but also serves as a shining example for potential employees seeking a fulfilling career in a supportive environment.